The World’s First Braille Smartwatch

Experience time in a completely new way with the DOT Watch. Be in touch with the world from your wrist and enjoy every second of it.

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Time at Your Fingertips

The DOT Watch has been developed specifically for visually impaired people. Its touch display, in which 24 dots rise and fall, spells out words in braille allowing you to check the time privately.

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Connect the DOT Watch to Your Smartphone

When you receive a call on your smartphone, the DOT Watch displays the name of the caller. You’ll be able to receive messages with ease. Direct access to all the practical features and apps you need during the day, without sound.

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Easy to Use

  • Check the time

You can check the exact time and date.

  • Read the message

Every text message is translated to Braille.

  • Manage calls

It vibrates and displays the name of the caller.

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Dotwatch is your Braille dictionary

Example: Women in Braille

woman in braille example

When you go outside, you don't need to memorize all braille characters. Dot watch and its app will be your Braille dictionary on your wrist in daily life.

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Wow! Truly Amazing!

I bought one of these for myself as I hate traditional Braille & talking watches. I am very impressed with the quality & presentation. Pairing it with my iPhone 6s was no problem. The magnetic wrist strap is very unusual...

-Lisa J, United Kingdom

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Very Happy with this Purchase

My husband is legally blind. He loves all things technology and he loves his watch. He likes to be able to tell time quietly, get text notifications, email notifications, etc.

-Gracie A, USA

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Download the DOT Watch App

Customize to your liking. From refresh speed to choosing 1 of 9 languages, the Dot Watch is continuously updated with new features! Available on iOS and Android.

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